Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair LNM027

Wholesale Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair with PU seat cushion,shiny chromed finish,widely used in garden,living room,strong and durable

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Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair is an armchair made from metal wire,chromed or power coated finish with PU seat cushion,It is strong and durable because of its whole metal steel frame,which is widely used as a lounge chair in living room,garden.


There are red,black,white colors of cushions for the bertoia diamond lounge chair.And if you choose power coated finish,there are also colorful colors for the frame,black,white,blue,red etc.

The modern design of the bertoia diamond lounge chair makes the whole interior decoration fashionable or attractive,take one to your unique space!

The product details for the bertoia diamond lounge chair are as below:
Item Number: LNW027
Material: steel rod with chromed or power coated finish
Dimension: 65*84*83 cm
Seat height: 40cm
Color: power coated with red,black,white,blue,etc.
Cushion color:white,black,red
Packing:2 pcs packed in a carton

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