You must find that there are ABS chairs and PP chairs in our catalog, and have the question that what is the difference between ABS chair and PP chair. Of course everybody looks for something that won’t break when you sit in it,.Take a look at performance parameter, you’ll see that ABS has an average tensile strength of about 5500 psi, while polypropylene has an average tensile strength of about 4000 psi. ABS is also harder and lighter. So it’s fairly obvious that ABS is, pound for pound, the stronger material.

That said, does your chair need to be made of ABS? but we see that ABS can be nearly twice the price of PP for only about a 38% increase in strength. If PP and ABS can do the same job, why get ABS?

Finally, and most importantly, the chair’s shape and construction have a huge impact on the chair’s quality. Quick mental demo time (you can do this IRL if you want) – take four letter-sized pieces of cardboard. Superglue two of your sheets together, face to face. Then take the other two sheets, cut them in half lengthwise, and glue together a rectangular tube or an I-beam. Wait for the glue to dry, span both of them across a gap, and hang a bucket from the middle of each shape. The tube or I-beam will definitely hold a much higher load than the two sheets of cardboard glued together face-to-face. Shape matters! An efficiently shaped part made of PP will do a much better job at holding loads than a poorly designed part made of ABS.

In short, there’s a lot more to a product’s quality than the materials chosen in its construction. If you feel that the extra durability inherent in ABS is worth the upcharge, by all means drop the extra cash. But remember that a cheaper material does not automatically mean a higher quality product.


In a word,we will use the most proper material for each chair style by synthesizing the chair design itself and cost request.


ABS chair

PP chair

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