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You must find that there are ABS chairs and PP chairs in our catalog, and have the question that what is the difference between ABS chair and PP chair. Of course everybody looks for something that won’t break when you sit in it,.Take a look at performance parameter, you’ll see that ABS has an average […]

LENY chairs are more and more popular in wedding occasions,such as cross back chair,thonet chair,tolix chair,ghost chair,chiavari chair,Nepoleon chair,Wimbledon chair,these chairs have the advantages of strong and comfortable enough to use,easy to move,stacking feature makes them occupy less space,and the last point is,they are so elegant that make the occasion warm and beautiful.   These […]

At LENY Furniture,a part of our furnitures are replicas,we provide customers the classic designs of furnitures with high quality but the lowest price.People like these premium reproduction chairs and tables,because reproduction copies are affordable but with good design and high quality,it makes them having almost same user experience compared with the originals.   In addition […]